Mind/Body Stress Reduction

Wouldn't you like to take back your life and gain control of your emotional and physical well-being?

Our Mind/Body Program

Struggling with having a child is often tremendously stressful for women and can have a negative impact in areas of work, home, and relationships. Studies have found that women who have high levels of distress are also significantly less likely to conceive. In several published stress reduction studies, women who have completed "The Mind/Body Program for Infertility" nearly doubled their chances of conception.

Whether you are interested in obtaining the emotional tools to better manage the fertility treatment process or would like to create more optimal conditions for conception, The Mind Body Center will help you obtain your goal. This program is modeled after the world renowned "The Mind/Body Program for Infertility" developed by Dr. Alice Domar in Boston, Massachusetts and consistently brings relief to women.

Individual or Group Program Options

A Five-Session Package; Five 45 minute individual sessions designed specifically to the needs of the woman (phone consultations available).

A Ten-Session Package; Ten weekly group visits (eight groups are 2 1/2-hours in length; the remaining 2 are slightly longer). Partners are invited to attend the first, seventh, and ninth sessions. At the seventh session, male partners are offered the chance to meet with a male therapist.

Learn more about these Program Options and Program Costs.

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