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Mind/Body Benefits
Now and Later

by Gayle D. Crespy, Psy.D.

Infertility Mind/body
Program attendance has
been shown to successfully
reduce symptoms of stress,
anxiety and depression
(Domar et. al. 2000, 1992)
and has been accompanied by almost a doubling of the rates for conception and successful pregnancy (Domar, et. al 2000). The Mind/Body Program for Infertility developed by Dr. Alice Domar provides specific training to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and build coping skills to help women and couples better deal with the stress and vicissitudes of infertility.

Many women find that by using Mind/Body techniques they better tolerate the physical discomfort of shots, exams, and invasive medical procedures. It also helps them to better cope with the anxiety and fear during the frustrating and often infuriating times of waiting. For example, waiting to hear the results of lab work, for the traffic light to change colors on the way to the doctor's office, for the elevator finally to reach the right floor, for the doctor to see you, and for receiving THE phone call!

Frequently, what is overlooked is that the same skills which women seek in order to increase their chances of conception are also beneficial long after the infertility crisis passes. Many women who attend Mind/Body programs report that their lives have changed permanently for the better in many ways. They report being better able to enjoy their relationships with their partner/spouse, feeling less stressed at work, more comfortably dealing with the demands of parenthood, and being better able to focus their energies on areas of their life that move them forward along their own life plan.

Mind/Body program attendance appears to provide an opportunity for individuals to reclaim parts of their formerly lost selves and to live their lives more fully by enhancing a sense of self-control. Many of these benefits are achieved by focusing on Breathing (which properly oxygenates the body), by being more Mindful (i.e., staying in the present moment, instead of ruminating about the past or by being consumed by worries about the future), and by changing negative and alarming thoughts into ones that are more Positive, Truthful, and Fair.

Gayle D. Crespy is a licensed psychologist and director of the Beh avioral Management Infertility Program.

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This newsletter is designed to provide you with the latest fertility news and research so that you can make the most informed decisions. We carefully select items that are of special interest for those dealing with infertility issues and who want to know more about Mind Body techniques. It is sincerely hoped that this letter will be of great use to you.

  • Fertility News
  • Birth Wait: More women are having babies after 40, despite medical risks, lifestyle challenges (3/21/05, Winston-Salem Journal)

    Obesity Drug Helpful for Polycystic Ovaries (3/17/05, Reuters Health News-Yahoo)

    Atlanta Fertility Clinic to Offer Patients Mind/Body Approach (3/8/05, Priority Healthcare)

    Program Helps Women Cope With Infertility Problems (3/2/05, WRAL.com News-Raleigh, NC)

    Emotional impact: Experts look at the role stress plays in pregnancy loss (3/1/05, The Connecticut Post Online)

    Delaying Pregnancy (3/1/05, KALB.com, News Channel 5)

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  • Fertility Research
  • Association of body mass index, age, and cigarette smoking with serum testosterone levels in cycling women undergoing in vitro fertilization (Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 83, Iss. 2, Pages: 302-308, February 2005)

    Female and male lifestyle habits and IVF: what is known and unknown (Human Reproduction Update, Vol. 11, Iss. 2, Pages:180-204, 2005)

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  • Fertility Recipe
  • The balance of vitamins in your diet can affect fertility. A deficiency in vitamin B6 may affect fertility by affecting hormonal balance. Vitamin B6 can be found in protein rich foods, such as eggs, beef, and chicken, milk products and dark green vegetables, such as, spinach, broccoli and greens.

    Here is a Flank Steak recipe rich in vitamin B6:

    1 1/2 lb flank steak; 1 tsp ground pepper; 1 clove minced garlic; 1 tsp oilive oil; 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar.

    Rub steak with pepper and garlic. Heat oil in a skillet. Add steak and cook until desired degree of doneness. Baste with vinegar. Serve with a side of steamed broccoli and a baked potato. This recipe yields six 3 ounce servings.

    Maria Biasucci- Vianna, MS is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist.

  • Does Acupuncture Hurt?
  • People experience needling differently. Acupuncture needles are sterile, disposable needles which are hair- thin. The end of an acupuncture needle is smooth and rounded. Insertion is rarely painful, but if any sensation is experienced during insertion, it is often compared to a mosquito bite and disappears very quickly. Once the needles are in the body, people describe their sensations as warming, heavy, numb or tingling. Most patients can relax during an acupuncture treatment, and most fall asleep. Following treatment it is common to feel a tremendous sense of relaxation and calm.

    Heike Schulte, MA, MS, L.Ac. Board certified licensed acupuncturist, Full Circle Family Care, LLC

  • Fertility Musings
  • Fashion Trend Setters

    I remember I had a friend who was over my house doing some home repairs a few years back. He asked me "So, what do you and the other women talk about in your fertility yoga classes?" "Oh you know" I replied "Ovaries, and sperm quality and fallopian tubes --the usual". My response to him was half tongue-in-cheek and all truth. His reaction was that of embarrassment and (I think) horror. I was surprised at his reaction. So entrenched was I in this world of fertility that I did not realize how much we have normalized a very changed notion of conception: how it is not unusual for us to know every detail of a friend's cycle, hormone levels, medication, blood count, for example and how it is not unusual to use acronyms like ICSI, FSH, IVF in our every day discussions. Are we up to our ovaries in a new pregnancy mainstream? Perhaps we are because after all, it is not unusual that when women today get pregnant naturally, it is now considered getting pregnant the 'old-fashioned way'. So then are fertility procedures considered the 'new- fashion'? If the answer to that is "yes" then I suppose that makes us all fashion trend setters. Hmm, that's kind of nice. Well, food for thought and you can file this under "Just one more thing to think about".

    Monica Morell, PhD, www.fertilityoga. com

    Monica has an excellent yoga video...
  • Mind Body Store
  • After receiving many requests over the past few years to recommend Mind Body books, relaxation tapes, and videos, we decided to put together our Mind Body Store.

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    Phone Number: 914.584.4460

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