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Thinking Outside
The IVF Box

By Elizabeth Swire Falker

One of the hardest things about being infertile - at least one of the hardest things I faced - was the fear of failure. That is, I was terrified that I wouldn't get pregnant and have a baby. I think many of us face this fear, or one like it: what if infertility treatment doesn't work for me? I know this is a scary question! I chose not to consider it, and instead buried my head in the sand and continued with cycle after cycle after cycle of infertility treatment. This is not always a good plan. Sometimes it's really helpful to face the tough questions; and not for the reasons you might think.

So, let me ask you: what if treatment doesn't work for you? Or what if it might work but you're burning out and can't face more needles, or you're running out of money? You have many options for becoming a parent (from donor egg or sperm to gestational care, embryo donation and adoption, just to name a few), and it's important to consider all of them, and what it might be like if you chose not to have children - if for no other reason than to take some of the pressure off as you go through treatment. Knowing that there's another choice or another path to parenthood can liberate you from that fear of failure!

I now realize that I might have been a lot happier if I'd never tried IVF and instead started building my family through adoption right from the beginning. Adoption may have been my second choice (IVF came first), but it was by no means my second best choice. Adoption is right for me in a way that I never realized or understood, in part because I didn't consider it as a family building option until I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

My last IVF cycle occurred while I was filling out my adoption paperwork and I have to tell you, it was the easiest, least stressful cycle I experienced (and I went through four inseminations, six IVF cycles and four miscarriages-talk about stress)! Knowing I had a game plan and a strategy for what I was doing if this cycle didn't result in a baby was huge step forward for my mental health. I had finally given myself some power back; I was in control of whether I was going to become a parent. So if you're having a rough day, explore some of the other options that are available to you. One of them might bring that baby home to you, or otherwise restore your sanity.

Elizabeth Swire Falker is the author of the bestselling infertility title, The Infertility Survival Handbook: everything you never thought you'd need to know (Riverhead 2004) and discusses family building options in Chapter Seven. Ms. Falker also runs an infertility and adoption coaching service and speaks regularly on these and other issues. You can buy the book, contact her directly or find out when she's next speaking by logging on to her website at Survi vingInfertility.com.

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This newsletter is designed to provide you with the latest fertility news and research so that you can make the most informed decisions. We carefully select items that are of special interest for those dealing with infertility issues and who want to know more about Mind Body techniques. It is sincerely hoped that this letter will be of great use to you.

  • Fertility News
  • The Infertility Diet (1/26/05, WRWB TV - Time Warner)

    Do You Know Your Early Warning Stress Signals? (1/17/04, ABC News)

    N.H. Lawmaker Introduces Two Fertility Treatment- Related Bills After Being Denied Treatment (1/14/05, Kaiser Network News)

    Acu puncture has long history as a healing option (1/10/04, Citizen-Times.com)

    An Odyssey of Love For Seven Years, a Suburban Couple Tried Everything to Have a Baby (1/3/04, Red Nova)

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  • Fertility Research
  • Hyperbaric oxygen and ovarian follicular stimulation for in vitro fertilization: A pilot study (Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 83, Iss. 1 , Pages 226-228, January 2005)

    Metformin-diet benefits in women with polycystic ovary syndrome in the bottom and top quintiles for insulin resistance (Metabolism, Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Pages: 113-121, January 2005)

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  • Fertility Recipe
  • Zinc, which can be found in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chicken, steak and oysters, can help boost male and female fertility. Several studies have shown that zinc deficiencies can impair both male and female fertility.

    Beef Stir Fry

    3/4 pound beef fillet cut in strips; 1 tsp sugar; 2 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce; 1/4 pound mushrooms rinsed and sliced; 1/4 pound asparagus rinsed and chopped; 2 pounds of scallions chopped; 2 tbsp minced ginger; 2 tbsp minced garlic; 4 tbsp of sunflower oil; 1/2 cup of low sodium beef stock; 1 tbsp cornstarch;

    Combine sugar and soy sauce and cover the beef with this mixture. Combine scallions, ginger and garlic in a small bowl. Heat a wok, then pour 1/4 of the sunflower oil into the wok. Stir-fry half of the scallion/ginger mixture with half of the beef. Cook for 45 seconds. Put meat on a separate plate. Wipe the wok clean, then reheat the wok, add the rest of the meat and cook for 45 seconds. Remove the meat and place on a plate with the other beef. Add the rest of the oil to the wok and stir-fry the mushrooms and asparagus for about 45 seconds. Combine beef stock and cornstarch and stir into wok with the mushrooms and asparagus. Return all of the beef to the wok and cook until sauce is thick enough to coat the beef and vegetables.
    -Maria Biasucci-Vianna, MS, Nutritionist

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  • Is Fertility Yoga
    the Silver Bullet?
  • When we struggle with our infertility issues, we often look for that quick fix, that 'silver bullet'. Yoga may not be the answer for everyone but it is becoming an important part of the solution for a growing number of women and couples experiencing infertility. Yoga can empower us to embrace our issues but we have to realize that it is a process. Within that process, we have to be willing to change and to have some discipline. My advice, don't just try it once, try it at least several times.

    Yoga can surprise us with what is possible on not only a physical but a spiritual and emotional level as well. Time on the yoga mat is an opportunity to focus inward and to release and accept our struggles. Yoga can teach us that we really can't control the things that happen to us or the time it takes for things to happen, but we can control how we respond to it all. Through our practice, we can learn to be respectful of time.
    -Monica Morell, PhD http://www.fertil ityoga.com

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