Programs Costs, Reimbursement and Discounts

10-Session Group Program

The 25-hour intensive group program meets for 10 consecutive weekly
2 1/2 hour group sessions.

The total cost of this program is $775.00.

5-Session Individual Program

This program consists of 5 individual sessions.

The total cost of this program is $725.00 ($185.00 for the initial
1-hour evaluation/session; $135.00 each for the remaining 4
45-minute sessions).

Insurance Reimbursement

A statement is provided at the end of the program which can be submitted
to an insurance company for reimbursement (coverage for mental health
services vary among policies). Patient is responsible for submitting all

Referral Discount

We value the relationships we have developed with OB/GYNs and
Reproductive Endocrinologists. We believe that our services are an
excellent companion to traditional medical treatments. In an effort to
support these partnerships and welcome new collaborators, we offer
a 10% discount to every patient who provides a written referral from
their physician.